Military challenges dealing with climate change in the 21st century

Military challenges dealing with climate change in the 21st century. Climate changes pose significant national security concerns and risks. The range of climate and extreme weather events we are seeing today are only getting worse. Droughts, floods, higher temperatures, and extreme winds will significantly impact military operations. Additionally, these weather events cause major concerns with the availability of clean water, food shortages, and refugee concerns. These challenges have immediate negative impacts on military readiness. With the changes to the climate, new mission requirements such as increased humanitarian relief efforts at home and abroad become important. Climate change is already impacting the United States combat readiness. Extreme weather events caused by climate change pose a genuine risk to food production that can be seen now. Leadership will be extremely challenged on allocating forces and dealing with domestic issues while maintaining combat power worldwide.
Emphasis on how leadership will deal with it.
Submit the (6) sources you plan to use.
Each annotation should not be more than 150 words, or approximately one paragraph. An annotated bibliography requires you to summarize complex articles in a few succinct lines.
Do not just cut and paste the abstract; the paragraph YOU write in the annotated bibliography should show HOW this source relates to the topic you selected and builds the argument required by your topic.
APA 6th edition

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