Much like a ‘close reading’ that you might do with a scene from a novel, this pa

Much like a ‘close reading’ that you might do with a scene from a novel, this paper will perform a close analysis of a single scene from one of the films we’ve watched in this course (Last of the Mohicans, Dances with Wolves, The Searchers, Pocahontas).
Briefly describe the film in general terms: situating the plot and setting for your reader. What issues are at stake in the film?
*Describe the scene you have chosen: what point is this in the film? what’s the setting, characters, plot at this specific moment?
*Analyze: What techniques are being used in this scene to convey an idea, mood, or argument? Does this scene agree with the rest of the film in tone and topic, or does it seem to contradict the rest of the film? (See below for discussion of the types of technique/formal elements you’ll want to consider.)
*Relate the scene back to the film as a whole: how does this scene help us understand the film’s purpose and cultural significance?
*Connect your analysis to class discussions and readings (Deloria, other articles, etc.)

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