MY choiceses : 1. Augmentin( Amoxicillin clavalanic acid. ) OR 2. Mortin( Ibu

MY choiceses : 1. Augmentin( Amoxicillin clavalanic acid. ) OR 2. Mortin( Ibuprofen )
Please review the prescribing information for a drug of your choice ( Augmentin or Mortin)
Note each question requires a short answer with supportive date referenced from the drug data sheet.
1. What is the patented name and/or generic name for your drug?
2. What is your drug used for?
3. Can you explain its mechanism of action
4 How is your drug administration?
5. What is the half-life of your drug?
6. In what groups of people were the pharmacokinetics of your drug studied?
7. How does the dosage of your drug need to be adjusted for renal impairment and/or if the patient is on dialysis?
8. How was your drug tested for carcinogenesis?
9. Why is it important to test the effects of your drug interactions with other agents such as similar medications and/or oral contraceptives?
10. What are the most common side effects of your drug?
NOTE :Use data obtained by search for your drug at
Note: for drugs search use only USA FDA website.
Thank You

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