New Media Public Relations

This quarter you have learned the practice of New Media Public Relations and through assessments and projects,
have implemented your creativity and knowledge. For the final project, you will be creating a year-long PR plan.

will include four (4) collection launches, one (1) press release supporting a product launch, five (5) events, and one
(1) philanthropic cause. You will create ad campaigns both paid and organic along with an Influencer campaign to
promote the aforementioned. The final deliverables will be presented in PowerPoint and Word using faux social
media posts and additional collateral to support.
1. Executive Summary – A one paragraph overview of the plan. Should present a clear narrative touching on
what the objectives are, how the key message helps achieve the objectives, how those objectives were
measured and whether it was successful or not.
2. Client/Brand – Of your choice
3. Products/Services
4. Key Messages – What insights are going to drive your campaign?
5. Key Facts – What specific facts support the Key Message?
6. Objectives – Media attention, social media posts, exhibition attendance
7. Tactics – Press release, infographic, social media posts
8. Target audience(s) – Each team will be assigned one target audience
9. Required Content – This is where you put all the extra information you need to communicate but isn’t part
of your key message or facts.
10. Supporting info
11. Measurement Tool – How do you propose to measure the objectives?
12. Outcome – What actually did happen (earned media value, impressions, click throughs, placements, etc)?
And, what did the person/company learn?
PART 2: PRESS RELEASE – 50 points
Press Release – It is essential that you follow the format as covered in class including all the required elements.
Additionally, how compelling your press release is counts. This means you want to write something that will
generate interest and is interesting to read… is there an “A-ha” moment.

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