NO OUTSIDE SOURCES OR QUOTES (explain in your own words) What was Robber Baron c

NO OUTSIDE SOURCES OR QUOTES (explain in your own words)
What was Robber Baron capitalism and how was it justified (defended) by those who supported it? List the positive and negative effects it had upon America. Be sure specifically to list the abuses to peoples that occurred from this capitalism. Who suffered under it and why (give examples)? What reforms did progressives then make to this style of capitalism? Was it good that they did so, and why (explain your answer).
Do the same thing for capitalism in the Roaring 20s through the New Deal. What were the good and bad things that came about under Laissez Faire capitalism in the 1920s? Be sure to mention American consumerism, stock market “cheats,” and as well the effect that the Great Depression had upon people. (Provide examples). Finally, what reforms did Roosevelt bring about in the 1930s, and were those good or bad? Be specific. Always explain your answers. Don’t just give an opinion. Give a well reasoned elaboration using NO SOURCES OR DIRECT QUOTES.

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