NOTE:You cannot use papers written for any other current or past courses that y

You cannot use papers written for any other current or past courses that you have taken to complete this assignment. You are to write in third person. Do not write in first person (I, me).
You may cite the course text but not the module/lecture notes. All that information can be found elsewhere.
You do not need to include a ‘Title Page’ or ‘Abstract’ (they will not count toward page length) but you do need to follow all other directions with respect to citations and references as noted below.
Papers must be typed using 12pt TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT only with 1″ margins on all sides.
Research Paper Requirements:

There will be one principal writing assignment required in this course. In this assignment you must select one specific type of deviant behavior and then employ any two (2) different theories with which to explain the occurrence of the particular behavior examined. Available theoretical and empirical criminological/sociological scholarly research literature must be used to support your argument. Some preliminary bibliographic sources are provided in the syllabus and your texts. Please do not under any circumstances “google” your paper. You must consult Criminological and/or Sociological journals and books for scholarly writing relevant to your topic.
Since the purpose of this paper is for you to apply theory to a type of deviant behavior your first job is to choose the ‘behavior’ itself and then secondly to choose the ‘theories’ of which you will use to analyze that behavior. Although you could choose the theory first if one or more is of particular interest to you. So whether you approach the process deductively or inductively is also your choice also. Deciding on the behavior to examine and the theories to utilize is the hardest part for many students because there are so many options. As there are so many areas covered in the class you should choose the one that interests you the most and that goes for the theory as well. Remember that I can help direct you but you must choose an ‘area’ first and that if you feel stuck at any point just contact me. Please note the following (taking from the course materials section on Bb) and also remember that you are applying two (2) theories to your ‘type of deviant behavior.’
You should first explain the overarching view (either positivist or constructionist) and then the specific theories you are going to use. You can use either two positivist theories or two constructionist theories, or one of each.
Positivist Views (rational choice, routine activities, social disorganization, strain, etc)
Attempt to explain the occurrence, enactment, and/or distribution of deviant or criminal behavior.
An explanation for why deviant behavior is enacted (Why do they do it?).
Deviance is a type of action that needs to be explained.
Concerned with the factors that lead certain people to violate the rules or those that produce higher rates of deviance in some societies or areas then others. Concerned with how and why certain circumstances encourage deviant behavior.
Constructionist Views (functionalism, labeling, conflict, feminist, etc)
Focus on what makes certain actions deviant.
Turns the attention to the issue around.
The spotlight is on society and the groups within society that make and enforce the rules instead of only on the rule-violator.
Why rules are made in the first place?
Who makes the rules?
Why certain types of rules are made?
Why certain types of people are apprehended and punished?
What are the consequences of rule-making and rule-enforcement.
Guidelines for Research Paper:
Citation Style:
Supporting evidence: Papers should contain at least 6 scholarly referred journals and/or academic books. Any and all material that is not common knowledge or from personal experience is to be cited!!! Scholarly referred journals are typically viewed as more reputable and informative than trade sources (Newsweek, U.S.A., Today, Time, The National Inquirer, and so on). Cite all your sources using either ASA or APA citation style. If you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of citation styles, there are plenty of books in the bookstore that explain it. Usually, professional journals outline citation style on the inside cover of each issue. Don’t mess this up by not knowing how it’s done!!! DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANYTHING!!! I cannot stress this enough and for most students it is not an issue, but let me say this: copying any text without proper in-text and respective reference page citations amounts to plagiarism. All of this is explained in great detail below, so I expect it not to happen. I have no problem with failing students who do not comply with this and I have done so in the past.
The paper should be between 6-8 (double-space) full pages of text (this does not include the cover/title or reference pages).
Quality is always more important than quantity, but normally it will take at least 6 pages to soundly complete each of these assignments.
You are to write in third person. Do not write in first person (I, me).

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