Nurses as Advocates for Policy Change in Healthcare Nurses stand as one of the m

Nurses as Advocates for Policy Change in Healthcare
Nurses stand as one of the most substantial and crucial groups of healthcare providers, making a fundamental contribution to the delivery of high-quality care to patients. In addition, nurses possess a distinctive point of view on policy issues pertaining to healthcare. Consequently, nurses frequently lobby Congress regarding a variety of policy matters relevant to healthcare delivery, patient security, and nursing practice.
Nurses may take various actions to advocate for patient safety, including appealing to Congress, lobbying for Medicaid and Medicare, and pressing for expanded scope of practice and increased funding for nursing education. Concerning patient safety, nurses may appeal to Congress to implement policies that reduce medical mistakes, enhance infection control, and ensure patients have entrance to appropriate medical resources (American Nurses Association, 2020). Also, nurses may lobby for the spread of Medicaid or Medicare programs to guarantee more individuals have access to healthcare services. Furthermore, nurses may press for policies that widen the scope of practice for nurses and allotment for nursing instruction. Gebbie, Wakefield, and Kerfoot (2000) clarify that nurses may strive for policies that approve them to carry out more elaborate procedures and treatments, as well as increase funding for nursing education in the form of scholarships and loan forgiveness programs.
Nurses have many options for advocating their viewpoints and making a positive change, both in local and governmental settings. To impart their standpoint, nurses may utilize grassroots undertakings, such as forming rallies or taking part in public events. Nurses can also turn to social media to lift awareness and create approval for their reason. Nurses may also appeal to Congress directly by meeting with their elected representatives or taking part in Congressional hearings (American Nurses Association, 2020). Furthermore, nurses can collaborate with professional organizations, for example, the American Nurses Association, which provides instruction and support for nurses to become involved in advocacy efforts.
Nurses may also request policies relevant to nursing practice. For instance, nurses may petition for policies that increase autonomy of nurses and enlarge the scope of practice. These policies may permit nurses to execute more advanced procedures and treatments, which can better patient outcomes. Nurses could also appeal for policies that augment funding for nursing instruction, including scholarships and loan forgiveness programs, to address the nursing shortfall and advance the quality of care provided to patients (Gebbie et al., 2000). Moreover, apart from lobbying Congress, nurses may also advocate for policy changes at the state and local levels. Nurses can cooperate with state and local lawmakers to devise policies that tackle the exclusive needs of their communities. They can likewise cooperate with healthcare organizations to institute policies that enhance patient care and safety.
After all, nurses have a fundamental role in appealing for policy changes connected to healthcare delivery, patient safety, and nursing practice. Nurses may appeal for policies relevant to patient safety, access to healthcare, nursing practice, and education. They may resort to grassroots efforts, lobbying Congress and state and local lawmakers, and collaborating with professional organizations to have their views acknowledged. Through these efforts, nurses can bring about a significant effect on healthcare policy.
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Gebbie, K. M., Wakefield, M., & Kerfoot, K. (2000). Nursing and health policy. Journal of nursing scholarship: an official publication of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, 32(3), 307–315.

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