Nursing Leadership A critical analysis of a leadership style, skill, or trait yo

Nursing Leadership
A critical analysis of a leadership style, skill, or trait you believe is critical to impactful nursing leadership in modern healthcare and management.
Word count: 1500
This paper will be critically exploring a charismatic leadership style in modern healthcare and management. A focus will apply the leadership style in a
The writer will critically discuss workforce issues
Influence on … will be examined
Finally recommendation will be made for my own personal leadership
The impact on self
Charismatic leadership in nursing in modern healthcare and management
Define charismatic leadership
What are the skills/traits of charismatic leadership
What this looks like in modern healthcare
Use references
Charismatic leadership in addressing staff burn out
Paragraph 1: (just 1-2 sentence on each)
Stats on current nursing burnout rates e.g 80% nurses impacted by burnout in their career as a nurse.
Sentence linking burnout to pandemic (likely incraesd) e.g. prevalence of burnout is highly topical with rates increasing since the covid-19 pandemic due to … (staffing levels etc.)
Define/characterise staff burn out: e.g. burn out is define as … emotional exhaustion, a low sense of personal fulfilment from work and depersonalization
Why is staff burn out a key challenge in healthcare today: e.g. makes it harder to connect with patients in meaningful ways, lack of empathy people become numbers, depersonlisation,.- why connection is important in mental health nursing and how this can impact rapport etc.
Why is burnout particularly relevant to mental health nursing
Paragraph 2+3:
How charasmatic leadership can help address staff burnout – talk about pro’s and cons
What the problems of burn out are and how a charismatic leadership can help that
Pros: Charismatic leadership can be a very effective approach in nursing. It motivates teams and optimizes the skills of each team member. Some of the benefits of this type of leadership in nursing include the focused commitment to an organization’s mission, strong motivational factors that promote positive results, team members feeling valued for their input, and leaders supporting their goals. Other advantages of the charismatic leadership style are that there is no room for egos or self-serving behavior, and mistakes are approached as learning opportunities.
Cons: Like all types of leadership styles in nursing, there are some disadvantages associated with the charismatic leadership style. If they are not careful, charismatic nurse leaders can create the illusion that they are irreplaceable. Some charismatic nurse leaders get so caught up in their own hype that they feel invincible, which may lead to them pushing the limit of ethical behaviors. Additionally, some nurse leaders who use this leadership style may feel like their opinions are the only ones that matter and may not value input from others, especially subordinates
New insights and planned application of knowledge gained
What have you learned
How will this new knowledge improve your ability to work with patients/colleagues
How could this leadership style improve your practice
How will you develop your leadership capabilities
• Recap in key sentences
• Do not include any new evidence or discussion
• Summarise the key points- most important points

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