One bit of advice: in order to make this response uniquely your own, try to limit or eliminate your use of clichés.

Poetry Response Journal
In your poetry response journal, you will write 1-2 page responses for 3 poems of your choice. This means you need to write 1-2 pages for EACH poem. You may choose from poems we have discussed in class, other poems from the textbook, or poems you have discovered in another place. You can add one more entry, not required, lyrics to a song. If you choose to respond to a poem that was not assigned in class, turn in a copy of it with your journal.Please turn in all three entries as one document.
Now, what should be in these responses. Above all else, I want your responses to be honest and genuine. If a poem confuses you, but for some reason still fascinates you, contemplate why. Perhaps you have always had a strong reaction to a particular poem or song; consider writing about the memories or associations this poem brings to you. I would like you to refer to the actual text in your response, but you should not treat these responses a mini-essays. Most importantly, I want this to be your chance to explore your responses to literature through informal writing. One bit of advice: in order to make this response uniquely your own, try to limit or eliminate your use of clichés. For example, instead of saying that a poem “really paints a picture for the reader,” explain in specific words what images the poems brings to your mind. A final reminder: even though this sound like a fairly easy assignment, I caution you that you need to put effort into it as it takes time to generate a thoughtful response to poetry.
This poetry response journal will be worth 5% of your final grade.
Poetry Journal (1) (1)
Poetry Journal (1) (1)
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOverall Grade
Assessment includes reader’s engagement with the poetry, use of quoted material, relating the poetry to personal experience and/or analyzing the poetry technically
50 pts
47.5 pts
In between the two neigboring categories
45 pts
Very good
42.5 pts
In between
40 pts
Meets Expectations
37.5 pts
In between the two categories adjacent
35 pts
Meets Minimal Expectations
30 pts
Needs improvement
0 pts
50 pts
Total Points: 50

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