(online) hold a discussion in your class’s online forum about the three ethical principles of anthropology.

Big Question: What moral and ethical concerns guide anthropologists in their research and writing?
Ethnographic fieldwork involves the intensive study of people’s daily activities. Some people may consider this an invasion of their privacy. Others may change their habits when they know they are being watched and recorded. For this assignment, take note of your own daily activities and think about what behaviors you would change if you knew you were being studied by an anthropologist.
After examining your own behaviors and how they might change if you knew you were being observed by an anthropologist, consider the three ethical principles of anthropology listed in your textbook: Do No Harm, Obtain Informed Consent, Ensure Anonymity.
Instructions: Complete and then submit the exercise(s) below as directed by your instructor.
1. (Online) Hold a discussion in your class’s online forum about the three ethical principles of anthropology. Is one more important than the others? What else should anthropologists should be concerned about? Would you replace any of these three principles with something else? Make sure you always support your opinions with carefully considered data.

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