Optional Movie Review (MR): This assignment is optional, although worth up to 10

Optional Movie Review (MR): This assignment is optional, although worth up to 100 additional points. The student will be responsible for submitting a review on their chosen movie from the list provided. Movie Reviews must be properly cited using Turabian format- Citations do not count towards word count. The student will be graded on the following criteria:
1) Summary- In at least 100 words tell me about your movie.
2) Accuracy: In at least 100 words tell me two things from your movie that were historically accurate.
3) Opinion- In at least 100 words tell me your opinion on your movie
Choose a movie from the list below.
12 Years a Slave, directed by McQueen, 2013
Amistad, directed by Spielberg, 1997
Glory, directed by Zwick, 1989
Last of the Mohicans, directed by Mann, 1992
Lincoln, directed by Spielberg, 2012
One Man’s Hero, directed by Gelman, 1999
The Alamo, directed by Hancock, 2004
The Crossing, directed by Harmon, 2000
The Crucible, directed by Hytner, 1996
The Patriot, directed by Emmerich, 2000
Make sure you provide at least one credible source in proper Turabian format- citations do not count towards word counts. Make sure you check your Safe Assign report. (SLOs 1, 2, & 3)

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