-oyeronke oyewumi, “(re)constructing the cosmology and sociocultural institutions of oyo-yoruba”, the invention of women, 31-79

These are short readings I read in class that should be used to help write this paper. I also uploaded what should be included and it stated one outside resource should be used for every question assigned.
-Mario Azevedo “African Studies and the State of the Art”, ITAS (North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press), 3-35
-Rico D. Chapman “African American Studies and the State of the Art”. ITAS (North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press), 41,53
-R. Hunt Davis, Jr. “Africa and the Genesis of Humankind”, ITAS (North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press), 57-73
-Agya Boakye-Boaten, “Transatlantic Slavery and the Underdevelopment of Africa, ITAS (North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press), 75-91
-Oyeronke Oyewumi, “(Re)constructing the Cosmology and Sociocultural Institutions of Oyo-Yoruba”, The Invention of Women, 31-79
-Oyeronke Oyewumi, “Colonizing Bodies and Minds: Gender and Colonialism”, The Invention of Women, 121-156
-Nathaniel Samuel Murrel: “Vodou and the Haitians Struggle”, Afro-Caribbean Religions
-Nathaniel Samuel Murrel: “Santeria and Palo Monte: Cuban Religion of the Orisha and Drums”, Afro-Caribbean Religions
-Nathaniel Samuel Murrel: “The Rastafari Chant”, Afro-Caribbean Religions
-Tayeb Salih: Season of Migration to the North, 1-end

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