Paper 1: Veterinary Computer Software Goals: Identify the various types of veter

Paper 1: Veterinary Computer Software
Identify the various types of veterinary software programs that are available.
Explain the use and benefits of veterinary software programs in practice.
Report the pros and cons of different programs.
Categorize and examine the features of various programs.
Evaluate your research to determine which programs may provide the best service in a veterinary practice.
Many veterinary clinics and hospitals rely heavily on computers for day-to-day operations. Computer software companies are constantly developing and upgrading programs for use in veterinary medicine.
Imagine you’re the head veterinary technician working in a multidoctor veterinary practice. The practice owner is considering upgrading the outdated invoicing software and paper medical records, wanting to replace them with veterinary management software that can perform a wide variety of management functions.
The practice owner wants each member of the veterinary team to gather information on two different brands of veterinary management software. Each team member will compile his or her information into a written report, which will be given to the practice owner and practice manager to help them make their decision.
As the head technician, you’re given the first choice on which software brands to research. Select two different brands of veterinary management software. Research each software brand, paying attention to the items in the following list, and then write a research paper that compares and contrasts the two software brands, including (but not limiting your writing to) the following information:
Name the two brands of software that you’ve chosen, and give a brief description of each of them.
Include information about the companies that make the software.
What are some benefits for a practice using a software program?
List office features and functions, as well as pros and cons of each software package—what does each program do, or not do?
How are technical support issues handled?
How is loss of data prevented in each type of program?
Is this a cloud- or server-based program? What hardware or software might be required?
Is training provided? In what ways?
Are laboratory and imaging results imported? Provide details on those that are compatible with the software program being discussed.
Your project must be submitted as a Word document (.docx, .doc)*.
Each title page should contain the following information:
The title: Veterinary Office Management Research Project
Your name
Your student number
The date your project was submitted
Each paper should be easy to read with appropriate font, double spacing, and correct spelling, grammar, and sentence and paragraph structure. You should use proper APA format for your reference page and in-text citations.
The recommended length is 2–4 pages per paper, excluding title and reference pages.
Each research paper should include at least three references. The information must be supported by
trusted veterinary medical publications and websites. . Don’t use sites such as Wikipedia.
Student thoroughly and accurately identifies and explains all topics or questions in maximum detail.
-Two brands of software
-Company information/history
-Benefits of using a software program
-Features and functions of the software
-Technical support
-Data backup
-Cloud or server-based, and hardware or software needed
-Lab and imaging results
-Compares and contrasts the different software including pros/cons.

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