Parameters: Your initial thread must be 400 words in length and demonstrate cour

Parameters: Your initial thread must be 400 words in length and demonstrate course-related applications of knowledge and skills learned. You should include 1 scholarly, peer-reviewed resource above and beyond your textbooks. Your 2 replies must be 250 words in length each, and be substantive in content, adding meaningful insights to the discussion at hand. You should compose your initial thread, as well as your replies, in a professional format, including complete, coherent sentences. Your writing within discussion forums should demonstrate your ability to apply the basic rules of grammar and writing mechanics within professional settings.
Initial Thread Prompt: Think of a situation as a future counselor where a client might ask you to advise them on a website with information regarding their diagnosis or issue. Or think of a mental health issue that you are interested in. The last thing you would want to do is recommend a website with inaccurate information. Find 3 websites and evaluate them. First, write a short summary of the website, then evaluate the website based on credibility, validity of information, ease of navigation (or lack of it), and the education and experience of the authors/owners of the website. Be sure to include the website URL in your post so that respondents can visit the website. NOTE: This should NOT be an article on a website; this should be a website.

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