Part 1 Disaster Funding Imagine a disaster involving erosion or weathering of la

Part 1 Disaster Funding
Imagine a disaster involving erosion or weathering of land has just occur at your location (Examples: Flood, mudslide, landslide, rock-slide, collapse of a hillside from rain). This disaster has occurred in the past due to weathering and it may occur again in the future if more erosion occurs. Federal money and resources will be going to repair and help the people affected to recover. Your task is to argue whether the federal funds and resources should be allocated and used to rebuild the location affected or relocate residents away from the potentially dangerous area. Use the textbook for details and examples as well as internet research. Use at least 2 outside sources cited (required) to defend your argument by using statistics and examples to support your position on the issue and support your argument for rebuilding or relocating.
Part 2 Desertification
Define the term Desertification, Research a city or country facing the issue and Describe the impact they face from desertification and Discuss methods for reducing the impact or solving the problem (either methods the place is trying out or methods you find through research that would help.
Part 3 The future of Glaciers
In this part of the assignment your task is to research an active glacier and give its name and location. Describe how the rate its growing or reducing in size each year. Research an organization tracking or monitoring glaciers and use it as a source to discuss the global trend in glacier activity. Discuss what the future holds for glaciers, what regions will loose glacial ice first and what regions are loosing the most ice to melting each year?

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