PART 1 Finding Content: Each week, every member of each group will find a differ

Finding Content:
Each week, every member of each group will find a different piece of content that addresses the question their group chose for that week, called a “Natural Next Question” (NNQ).
You should each look for a piece of content (i.e., text, video, audio, etc.) that “answers” or speaks to this question in some way.
It can be a primary or secondary source. It could be a play script, a chapter or two of a book, a scholarly article, a video of a performance, a podcast with a thinker on the topic, an interview with an artist, etc. The only thing it shouldn’t be is a Wikipedia entry or similar source that’s likely to be unreliable.*
*It’s 100% ok to begin your search by looking over Wikipedia entries! Just don’t stop there – if you find something interesting/relevant on Wikipedia, hunt down a more reliable source on it.
Once you’ve selected your content, please read/listen to/watch it carefully. Try to eliminate distractions while you’re processing it. Reread or rewind when necessary. Look up definitions of terms, historical context, etc. if needed. Focus on absorbing it as fully as possible so you can explain it to your group.
FAQ: How much content do I need to find? How much time should I be spending on this?
Please plan on the looking-for-and-choosing-content part of the process taking approx. 1-2 hours, on average. Some weeks, you may luck out and find something right away, but it can take a while to find content that’s a truly good fit for your group’s NNQ.
Please note: This 1-2 hours can and may often include making some notes about your group’s question of the week, doing some initial Googling for basic definitions, deciding where to start looking for content, digging through the various resources listed here, looking for relevant journals or videos on on Links to an external site., skimming articles, glancing over chapters, etc. and then, finally, selecting a piece of content that you feel is a good fit for that week’s question.
In terms of the content itself, you should aim to find content that will take you at least 1 hour to read/listen to/watch each week. (If you find something super dense you need to go over twice to fully grasp, please include that in the total time.)
In a pinch, it’s ok to combine multiple shorter pieces of content if you need to in order to reach that mark. However, please be aware that you will need to summarize each separately within your Write-up (see below).
Summarizing, Analyzing, and Communicating Content:
Once you’ve found a piece of content and read/watched/listened to it enough times to feel like you have a handle on it, please make a copy of this Google doc template Links to an external site. and use it to prepare a Content Write-up that you’ll share with your group in class.
The NNQ of week 4 would be:
Can you identify trolling in Ubu Roi?Can you identify trolling in Ubu Roi?
(Ubu Roi as a book for case study)(week 4 NNQ is a continuation of the week 3 NNQ)
More notes from Professor
Hey, Group C @channel –
So usually I’d encourage you to all go out and find different content, but given this week’s NNQ, I just wanted to be clear that it’s totally fine if you ALL want to just read and do your write-up on the script for Ubu Roi (“King Ubu” in English)!
The original script was in French, but there is a good English translation of the full play (along with some helpful introductory notes!) available in Ch. 2 (“Pataphysical Theatre”) of this e-book from the library:
In general, rest assured that if something doesn’t make sense as you’re reading in this play, that’s on purpose… it’s all part of the troll!
(FYI, how to translate the first word of dialogue in the play – as well as Papa Ubu’s overall fave word throughout – is a topic of much debate … In the original French, the word is “merdre,” which is a nonsense word that sounds like “merde,” which means shit. :hankey: Some translators use “shitr” as an English approximation.. I suppose nowadays, you could say “shitastic” or something and get the same idea across. 😉 )
PS: I googled it and confirmed that the adaptation I was trying to remember is called Fatboy, and the author is John Clancy. It’s basically a more modern version of Ubu… Unfortunately I can’t find a free copy of the script. I’d be curious to hear what you think of it if you can locate a copy, but no pressure.
Oh, and this may be obvious, but content warning: Ubu is full of obscene language and violence, but it reads as mostly “cartoon”-like violence to me. (It’s kind of like Macbeth-meets-Beavis and Butthead.) (edited)

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