Part 2: business plan financials

Part 1: Business Plan
Write a 4–8 page paper, in MS Word, in which you provide the specified information in each section.
Operations Section (1–2 pages)
Assign a dollar amount to each operational cost you find; you will need these figures for your financials (Business Plan Financials Excel Template).
Create an operations plan for your selected company expanding on each of these topics:


Consider questions such as these regarding facilities:

Will you rent or buy your facilities, or will you outsource production to an existing company?
If you are renting or buying your facilities, what utilities will be required to run the operation?
What will be the costs associated with any necessary utilities?

Production Process or Description of How Your Business Will Operate If Retail or Service Company.

Include any equipment you plan to use, if applicable.

Research needed equipment, such as machines, refrigerators, burners, ovens, and so on.
Will you rent or buy needed equipment?
How will you maintain and clean the equipment?
How will you ensure quality control?
What capacity do you intend to reach?
If you have a retail or service business, consider any equipment you might need in your process.

Explain your approach to inventory, as applicable.

Where do your supplies come from?
What is your turnaround time to produce your product once you have received an order?

Research and Development.

How will you stay abreast of new developments in the industry?
What new products or services are in development?

Personnel Needs in Operations.

How many operations employees do you plan to have?
What will their roles be?

Technology Section (1–2 pages)
Assign a dollar amount to each technology cost you find; you will need these figures for your financials (Business Plan Financials Excel Template).
Consider the type of technology your selected company will use to conduct activities, such as managing personnel; taking, fulfilling, and tracking orders; managing inventory; communicating with customers and providing customer service; and producing your product or providing your service.
Create a technology plan for your selected company expanding on each of these topics:

Software Needs.

Examples of software you might need include graphics, customer relationship management, accounting, inventory, and office suite.

Hardware Needs.

Examples of hardware you might need include computers, monitors, servers, routers, and tablets.

Telecommunication Needs.

Examples of telecommunication equipment you might need include phones, Internet, fax, and mobile phones.

Personnel Needs in Technology.

Will your technology personnel be in-house or outsourced?

Management and Organization Section (1–2 pages)
Be sure to include the salary costs associated with the management personnel; you will need these figures for your financials (Business Plan Financials Excel Template).
Create a management and organization plan for your selected company expanding on each of these topics:

Key Management Employees.

List key management team members along with a several sentence description of each person’s relevant business background and responsibilities.


List any people you will use as advisors for your business; include a several sentence description of these individuals’ areas of expertise and their expected contribution to the business.

Management Hierarchy.

Outline your company’s management hierarchy using the flow charts on page 248 of your textbook as a guide.
Import/include all charts or diagrams into the MS Word document.

Social Responsibility Section (1–2 pages)
Chapter 14, “Social Responsibility & Sustainability,” pages 259–270, of your textbook provides information about developing your social responsibility plan. The chapter also provides a sample social responsibility and sustainability plan. You’ve already read this chapter in Week 6. Refer to it on an as needed basis as you work on this section of your business plan.
Revise your post and the feedback you received on it in the Week 6 discussion thread to create your social responsibility plan.
Create a social responsibility plan for your selected company expanding on each of these topics:

Impact on Stakeholders.

Describe the ways your chosen company will impact stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, and the community. This is the people section of the triple bottom line.

What types of benefits (such as health care, flexible work hours, and opportunities for advancement and education) will your company offer employees?
What types of opportunities (such as classes, sponsored events, and assistance to causes and charities) will your company offer the community?

Environmental Impact.

Explain how your company’s activities will affect the environment.
Identify the steps you will take to mitigate any negative impacts.

How will you minimize your ecological footprint in your operations? Consider energy usage, waste disposal, recycling, using recycled materials, et cetera.

Part 2: Business Plan Financials
Revise the Business Plan Financials Excel Template based on feedback from the Week 7 discussion thread and changes you make to your business plan.
Be sure the numbers in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template match any numbers included in the Operations, Technology, and Management and Organization sections of your business plan narrative.
Remember that the guidelines, whether for your own startup company or for the snack food company scenario, provide helpful information on completing the worksheets within the Business Plan Financials Excel Template.

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