Pick a disease which was once fatal (or drastically life impeding) that has been

Pick a disease which was once fatal (or drastically life impeding) that has been lessened in severity due to a (MODERN, ie in the past 15 years or less) scientific or technological advancement. An outdated example of a topic (ie this would NOT count anyway, due to it being out of the 15 year parameter) could be the revolutionary way that utilizing recombinant insulin created by bacteria changed the lifespan and prognostic outlook/lifespan of individuals suffering from diabetes.
You should cover the following talking points.
1. What is the disease and what pathways/organ systems does it affect? Describe “normal” physiology and the “diseased”pathology etc. Try to personalize this with a case study if possible. (Karen is a 45 yo suffering from etc.) If there is a personal tie to your friends/family/loved one introduce that here too.
2. What treatment options were available prior to the revolutionary advancement? What are their limitations?
3. Describe the recent advancement in science and/or technology, in as much detail as you comfortably understand (IN YOUR WORDS, be careful to avoid plagiarism) and how it is superior to/enhances previous treatment options. Be sure to use any statistics available (increases longevity by XX% etc) when describing benefits over existing treatments and to define the limitations (any side effects, cost limitations, complications, risk factors?) of this course of treatment.
4. Bring it home with a feel good “science is saving the world one disease at a time” sentiment. (Ie, Here’s where you hit hard that this treatment is impacting the lives of people who are suffering.) Tie this in to the friend/family/loved one/case study you introduced in the beginning to bring home the humanity of the topic. Close with any future technology/advances that are on the horizon, and how they will further benefit those suffering from the disorder.

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