Pick an opinion piece/article from any reputable publication. (New York Times,

Pick an opinion piece/article from any reputable publication. (New York Times, The Atlantic, etc.)
The key is to make sure the article you choose to write on discusses an arguable topic in the field of medicine. Something that is up for debate…
1) Once you have selected your article, answer the following questions
What is the context, audience, and purpose of the argument you selected?
Is it a compelling argument? Why or why not?
Does the author utilize the three appeals? Provide an example from the argument of at least one instance of ethos, pathos, and logos.
All answers should be written in complete sentences and use APA (7th ed.) format when writing your responses.
2) Create an outline for your selected current event article (introduction, summary paragraph, ethos, logos, concluding paragraph)
3) Draft your Rhetorical Analysis ( 2-3 double -spaced pages, and in APA (7th ed,
4) final paper ( 3 double spaced pages

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