Pick any of the two questions below, APA format citations. It does not have to b

Pick any of the two questions below, APA format citations. It does not have to be a specific wording number as long as it answers the questions.
1. What role does the type of economic system play on education and students’ experience? Does free education impact students’ experience, pass rates and efficiency change for the better or worse? Support your analysis with one or two examples from authoritative sources.
2. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” The real value of an education, then, is to enhance our skill at self-examination. Do you agree with Socrates? Support your view with at least two examples, explaining your rationale.
3. Pick any 2 of the following issues that are of concern in the US: busing, equal education, Head Start, No Child Left Behind, teaching to the test, and Common Core. Discuss the social causes of these issues. Draw out policies that would alleviate the concerns.
4. Discuss the importance of informal education on formal education. Pick an example from the US to showcase your analysis. Can educational system exist outside the influence of informal education? Explain your rationale.

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