Pick three of the following and write a thesis paragraph for each prompt you hav

Pick three of the following and write a thesis paragraph for each prompt you have selected. When you are finished, you should have three thesis paragraphs.
During the Early Middle Ages, the Germans needed the Church, and the Church needs the Germans. Why?
The Early Middle Ages mixed German nomadic practices with Christianity. Why?
The Germans dominated the Early Middle Ages. Why?
The Carolingians replaced the Merovingians. Why?
How did Pepin I, Pepin II, Charles Martel, Pepin III, and Charlemagne created the first boundaries of Europe.
Why did Leo III crowning Charlemagne make him very angry?
Why did the Carolingian Empire become kingdoms after Charlemagne died?
Why did the Holy Roman Emperor lose power after the year 1000?
Why did Otto’s plan to control the appointment of his bishops backfired during the reign of Henry IV.
Why did changes in climate and cultivation in Europe after 1000 see a population explosion that feudalism could absorb.
Why were towns an illegitimate economic, social, and political space during the Middle Ages?
Why did towns in Central Europe pulled the Holy Roman Empire apart.
Why did towns in Western Europe pulled kingdoms together?
Why did “Known demand” defined businesses during the High Middle Ages?
Why did Men of estate attacked owners of Incorporeal Property, which forced towns to choose one of two survival strategies: become network cities, or corporations?
Why did the Crusades launch the first renaissance, which caused Greco-Roman Knowledge to collide with Christian Theology?

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