Please elaborate on these two integral precepts within the field of finance that

Please elaborate on these two integral precepts within the field of finance that must be understood for their successful application.
The relationship between a bond’s price and the yield to maturity is an inverse relationship. Please explain; make sure you don’t simply restate the inverse relationship, but explain the reasoning. If you can remember and understand the “why”, you will never forget this important relationship. Examples are encouraged.
Why are stock valuation models dependent upon expected dividends, future dividend growth and an appropriate discount rate? Please be sure to review how we value any financial asset which will help dissect this answer.
Include Prior Grading Comments
As a separate attachment or embedded within your submission, this assignment requires you to include screen shots of pages 1 and 2 that include my detailed, annotated grading comments that are embedded in the most recently graded Comprehension Questions assignment (i.e. Chapter 5 Comprehension Questions. NOTE: do NOT include screen shots from the retirement assignment).
It is imperative and your responsibility to view all instructor grading comments from prior assignments to learn from prior mistakes related to the content, writing quality, and APA format. Including the required screen shots demonstrates to the instructor that you have viewed the detailed, annotated grading comments from which you can improve your learning experience and ensures that mistakes will not be repeated.
It is expected that you will make the effort to do review and incorporate this feedback BEFORE submitting this assignment. Learning from prior errors is supremely important to prevent repeated mistakes which will enhance and improve your learning experience. Repeated mistakes will be graded more harshly.
Be sure to read this requirement completely to be certain you are uploading the PROPER screen shots. Here is an example of what your screen shots of my annotated grading comments should look like.
For directions on accessing instructor’s annotated comments that in the assignment, view this resource: to an external site.. If you experience any technical issues accessing the feedback, use the Help tool on the left side navigation panel. There are many screen capture tools available like Snagit or Capture by TechSmith that are free and easy to download. If you are unfamiliar with how to take and upload a screenshot, use the Canvas Help resource on the left side navigation panel.
The comprehension questions are to be answered clearly, directly, and concisely. They are designed to further delve into the most important concepts of the course content.
Preparation: Review the PowerPoint file, the end of chapter questions and answers, and the textbook prior to answering. Please always use your textbook as a source (at a minimum). Consult with outside resources if you need further information but be sure to cite all sources properly with in text citations and a reference list. Submissions without proper in text citations and a reference list will be scored a zero. For help with formatting references on the reference list into proper APA format, it is acceptable to use the Citation Machine websiteLinks to an external site.. All references are double spaced with no added spaces between references; indent the second and subsequent lines of a reference.
NO PLAGIARISM: All responses or comments must be original. Additionally, avoid any direct quotes in favor of paraphrasing into your own words. For more information on plagiarism and how to avoid it, review the following tutorial: Understanding PlagiarismLinks to an external site..
APA: APA format is required. This requires a title page, page numbers, in text citations and a reference list. Abstracts are not necessary. Please refer to the APA resources available on the course home page if necessary. I recommend that you utilize the Microsoft Word APA template: click here to access the APA template in Word.
Writing Quality: Please pay close attention to proofreading, punctuation, and your overall writing quality. Review the Top Ten Grammar Mistakes (and review this document for reference).
There is no minimum word count. In fact, business writing ought to be clear, concise, and efficient. Employers don’t want to read excess words that are unnecessary to the message. Stay direct and to the point but carefully and thoughtfully address each question.
Rubric: It is recommended to review the grading rubric in advance to understanding the grading scheme.
Assistance: If you require any assistance with writing your responses or comments, please explore FSW’s Writing ResourcesLinks to an external site. or reach out to me for assistance.

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