Please include page numbers for all quotes. and do not restate questions in the

Please include page numbers for all quotes.
and do not restate questions in the essay.
This has two parts.
First, find one example of a historical medium. For this assignment, a historical medium
refers to a media technology you (or your family) used to use on a regular basis, but haven’t used
in the past two years. A few examples include:
 A basic mobile phone you used in high school;
 A letter you received in your childhood;
 Love letters written by your parents;
 A cassette tape;
 An old portable radio;
 A pager;
 A telegraph coding dictionary;
 And so on.
You may have to explore storage rooms at home to find an example of a historical medium.
Next, write an 800-word essay to explore your personal history with that object and the
historical medium. Address the following issues in the essay:
1. What was the object you chose? When did you purchase it? What were the primary functions
of its medium? How did you use the medium? 220 word
2. Analyze the attributes of the medium from the following perspectives, and justify your
answers: 410 word
a. Harold Innis categorized media into two types: durable media and flexible media. In
your opinion, which category does the medium you have chosen belong to? Why?
b. Use McLuhan’s Tetrad of Technological change to analyze your chosen object: what
does it (1) enhance, (2) obsolete, (3) retrieve, and (4) flip into?
3. When (in which year) did the medium gradually become obsolete? Why did you stop using it?
What new media technology replaced the old medium? Why was the new media technology
more competitive than the old one? 220
4. Include a photo of your chosen object at the end of the essay.
 The program will calculate the percentage of each paper that duplicates other
papers submitted this semester and in previous semesters. For each percentage point of
duplication over 25%, you will lose 5 points. Paper can not receive a plagiarism
score of 25% or higher. Therefore, be judicious about the number
of direct quotes that you use, whether you cite them as direct quotes or not. Please include page numbers for all quotes.
and don’t restate questions in the essay.

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