Please investigate the Social Work Superheroes of the Past Roster below to selec

Please investigate the Social Work Superheroes of the Past Roster below to select a social worker you’d like to research. Spend time researching your social worker. Students may utilize a myriad of resources but must use at least 3 academic journals or verified websites as sources (Wikipedia should not be your main source). While researching, students should spend time considering: the historical era in which this social worker practiced, the identities of the social worker, and the work that the social worker engaged and why this was important to the field. Then, students should create a comic book or newspaper cover story depicting their social work superhero of the past’s story. Note, this is not a paper, this is a creative piece, BUT in your creativity, don’t lose the content you need to include.
Social Worker you’ll need to work on: • Mary Church Terrell –a champion for racial equality and women’s suffrage for women of all races
Depict the setting (location, policies, eras)
Historical Villains
Depict the systemic villains of the era that the social worker fought against
Social Work Superhero
Depict your social worker’s known identities
Social Work Superhero’s Origins
Depict your social work superhero’s origins story
How did your superhero save the day?
Depict the sort of work that your superhero engaged in and how it made a difference
Depict the superpowers that the superhero used in their work
Student uses creativity in their storytelling
At Least 3 academic journals/verified sources used and listed (APA Reference Page Formatting)

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