Please majorly edit and rewrite this essay.

Please majorly edit and rewrite this essay. Obviously add to it. But here is a very tough draft to get you started. Ty
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Adaptability, also known as the strongest weapon for success.
As the overly-bearing silence filled the empty bedroom on a friday night, she could still hear the conversation that took place in the lunchroom. Bickering back and forth about who is taking who to the Friday night football game, not one eye was drawn to the girl with the headphones on. There was a vague moment of stillness. Nauseousness filled her stomach, she felt a slight burn in her throat from the bile that had been sitting in her stomach for days due to lack of food. She was quick to pick herself apart wondering if it was a physical quality like her abnormally big nose or her drastic height difference compared to the rest. Was the issue more involved with her outgoing personality and ability to be self expressive with all the things that truly make oneself happy?
She wanted to reinvent herself, and make herself someone like the rest. She wanted to have highlights and use a self tanner 10 shades to dark. And wanted to have lash extensions and nails perfectly done all the time. She wanted to be everything and more but herself. One thing she didn’t realize is she was treating herself exactly like the rest were. Reinforcing a constant idea that she was barely enough, evading the version of herself that was suffering. Profusely trying to adapt to her environment, time felt like it was dragging on……. She felt complete ignorance and embarrassment for herself with no sense of purpose. That girl was me. Freeing myself from the shackles of self-hatred that were weighing me down. These obstacles were not teaching me productiveness and success for a better future….Although there is one thing that they taught and that is to create my own definition for adaptability. To me adaptability is the strongest weapon for success…(definition for adaptability)……..I was aware that I was capable of being above and beyond this life in Delaware. I knew I had a unique and creative eye that set me apart from every other typical high school girl and felt drawn to fulfill that purpose. I was conscious of my next step in life and what had to be done, I just had to commence my journey.

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