Please only reference eText and pdf file attached. Also, be sure to include in t

Please only reference eText and pdf file attached. Also, be sure to include in text citations.
Please review the case study listed in pdf
Answer the questions fully and completely.
the responses should be measured in paragraphs, not sentences.
Each answer should be numbered.
Put together a well written 2 page essay that addresses the following issues or questions.
1. In your own words, summarize the basic premise of this article.
2. Why is entertainment such an important factor in fashion marketing?
3. Which of the courses that you’ve taken would best help you to understand the trends that are affecting the fashion industry? ( consumer behavior)
4. If social media, entertainment, and elaborate sets are the principle marketing strategies for fashion marketing today, what do you think will be the strategies used in the industry 5-10 years from now? Why?

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