Please read the attached PDF. Chapter 6 from Interpersonal Communications by Jul

Please read the attached PDF. Chapter 6 from Interpersonal Communications by Julia Wood.
Interview a person who is in a career that you envision for yourself. (DENTIST) .
1. Ask the professional to explain the importance of listening in his or her work.
2. Ask the professional to identify the most common listening problems and obstacles in his or her interactions with others.
In your journal, summarize what your interviewee said and relate his or her observations to principles discussed in the textbook. Responses will vary, but obstacles include message overload and complexity, noise, preoccupation, prejudgment, lack of effort, not recognizing diversity in listening styles, and so on.
Must deal with all of the aspects of the prompt thoroughly and make necessary references to the concepts discussed in the text. You may quote what the person said to you in the interview in your paper.

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