Please refer to my resume and write this assignment. Strictly follow the expecta

Please refer to my resume and write this assignment. Strictly follow the expectations, please.
Individual Assignment #2
This assignment will focus on the content from the Johnson text (Chapters 3, 4, & 7) as well as the Kraemer text (Chapters 3 & 4*). For this assignment, once again, you will be drawing upon your own life experience and interactions. Be sure to reflect in a meaningful way of those events, individuals, and life experiences that affected you (good or bad).
To Begin…
Using the readings and your own experience, write a 3-5 page reflective paper using the following guidelines:
Reflect on situations of ethical influence based on your ethical compass, that is a time and place where and when you either exerted influence or resisted influence.
Your reflection should present the situation and analyze the variables that had an impact on your ethical behavior to submit, resist, or exert influence. In addition, you should also provide an analysis of how character (confidence and humility) were evident, or not, in the situation you describe.
Integrate several quotes from the Kraemer and Johnson texts.
For this assignment, “first-person” narrative will be accepted.
3-5 pages in length (double spaced)
Clear, sufficiently detailed and easily understood description of the experience [learning resource(s) and or relevant personal or professional encounters]
Strong effort to engage in personal reflection of the event with a focus on the student’s own perceptions, assumptions, involvement, response/reaction, behaviour and/or thinking, and considerations of underlying reasons.
A strong effort is made to apply content from the course and course readings. This is evident by the integration of meaningful and relevant quotes, references, and examples.
Consistently uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
APA 7th Edition.

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