– Please respond to the following questions by referring to the lecture, course

– Please respond to the following questions by referring to the lecture,
course material links, and readings attached ONLY.
**For each question below, ensure you provide specific examples and making connections
between course materials and to other personal experiences, and considering
how these can lend themeselves to your development as an effective educator.**
Module Reflection Questions:
1.) In a STEAM-driven classroom, under what conditions do you think that inquiry-based
learning and teacher-led instruction would be most effective?
Please provide at least one example, making reference to external resources as needed.
2.) a) Take a look at some of the projects on this website:
b) Choose one project that stands out to you. State the name of the project, and describe how this project integrates multiple strands of STEAM through a lens of inquiry.
Podcast Link:
Source Link:

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