Please watch the Youtube video via link provided. It has 5 video accessbile with

Please watch the Youtube video via link provided. It has 5 video accessbile with the link

After reading the case carefully, watch and evaluate the five storyboards at the YouTube link for the new Mountain Dew ads. You will need to evaluate each of the five ad concepts using a specific method. To evaluate each ad concept, use the following 8 Decision Filters:
(1) Target audience: Will the ad resonate with the target market for this campaign?
(2) Brand identity: Does the ad communicate the desired brand image & product benefits?
(3) Simple?
(4) Unexpected?
(5) Concrete?
(6) Connected?
(7) Emotional?
(8) Story?
The Case Write-Up
After evaluating each storyboard using the 8 decision filters above, select what you think are the two best ad concepts. Your case write-up should begin by explaining which two ad concepts you thought were best based on your analysis. Then, using the 8 Decision Filters above, explain which one of the two ads you would choose as the best and why. That is, compare and contrast the two best ads using the 8 Decision Filters, explaining why you think one of them is the better way to go

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