Please write a personal Definition essay using the following topic: The Island –

Please write a personal Definition essay using the following topic:
The Island – Write a 3-page essay on the following: You will soon be marooned on a desert island and may only take three objects with you. What do you bring with you, and why? Assume that on this island, you will need to gather food and water for yourself (i.e. do not say you’d bring food and water). Also, you may not bring another person. Remember to focus: why are these objects important to you, based upon your own personal experiences? Delve into the importance of each object and exactly why it would help you on a deserted island. You can do this by relating specific experiences in the form of descriptive scenes.
In addition, remember to create a clear main idea at the start of the essay. What are your goals on the island aside from simple survival? What do you hope to discover about yourself? How will these objects help you achieve this?
One object should be something that will help you survive; a second object should be something of sentimental value; the third object can be either (or something that functions as both).
looking for focus, organization, and proper application, including parts of speech, proper punctuation, basic sentence structure/word choice, and competent use of passive/active voice.

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