positive and the negative aspects of having ADHD

This research will explore the experiences of female employees in their workplace during the pandemic. More specifically, I am interested to investigate and comprehend the experiences of female employees who have already been diagnosed with ADHD. The study aims to understand and provide insight on how this particular population endured and viewed the changes that were established in the work environment during the pandemic (e.g. work from home, being socially isolated etc.).
For the sampling process the survey tool of the University of Sussex, “Qualtrics”, will be used. In order to find candidates who are suitable for this study, an account will be created on social media in order to access societies and groups associated with ADHD diagnosis. The survey will include the following questions:
1. What are the positive aspects and the negative aspects of having ADHD: Please refer to times when ADHD helped you on daily tasks and/ or facilitated your relationships with other people i.e. co-workers and clients and to other times when it was an obstacle to your daily tasks and relationships with others.
2. Please describe any moments where you felt that your ADHD was a huge blessing for you.
3. How did you experience routine changes caused during the pandemic in your workplace and how do you think ADHD influenced this experience?
4. Which were the positive and which the negative aspects of ADHD’s influence on these routine changes during the pandemic?
The answers that will be obtained by the participants will stay completely anonymous and will only be used for the purposes of this study.
1) view the “Workshop 2” slides (from slide 5) to understand exactly all the contents/chapters that the dissertation should include.
2) Incorporate the “INTRODUCTION D22” word document in the introduction of the dissertation !! (It will also help you understand the topic).
3) keep it simple
4) I have already done the survey on qualtrics so use from each question the first 6 responses for the RESULTS
i will also add some useful bibliography
Important Bibliography:

ADHD Linked to Worse COVID-19 Outcomes

DON’T make it at all medical. It is just a qualitative research. Feel free to ask any questions. Please do not forget the abstract and the other mandatory parts that are said in Workshop 2 slides

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