Practice your ability to paraphrase with the following steps. Choose a partner (

Practice your ability to paraphrase with the following steps.
Choose a partner (this can be someone inside or outside the class), and designate one of yourselves as “A” and the other as “B”. Find a subject on which you and your partner seem to disagree—a personal dispute, a philosophical or moral issue, or perhaps a matter of personal taste.
A begins by making a statement on the subject. B’s job is to paraphrase the idea. In this step, B should only reiterate what he or she heard A say, without adding any judgment or interpretation. B’s job here is simply to understand A—not to agree or disagree with A.
A responds by telling B whether the response was accurate and by making any necessary additions or corrections to clarify the message.
B then paraphrases the revised statement. This process should continue until A is sure that B understands him/her.
Now B and A reverse roles and repeat the procedure. Continue the conversation until both partners are satisfied that they have explained themselves fully and have been understood by the other person.
After the discussion has ended, consider how this process differed from typical conversations on controversial topics.
1) Was there greater understanding after practicing your paraphrasing?
2) Do both partners feel better about being able to understand one another – you can ask your partner this for greater clarity?
3) Finally, ask yourself how you life might change if you used more paraphrasing in everyday conversations.
4) Submit your 500+ word response to the appropriate assignment area.
You will get FULL CREDIT if you: 1) answer all the questions listed in the assignment description, 2) response will be 500+ word (dialogue is not included in this and does not need to be included)

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