**preferably, please find systematic review articles.

I am a Doctorate in Business Administration student, and in order to graduate I need to fulfil the following requirements:
1- Publish 2 articles in scientific journals in Scopus-indexed journals of class A or B
2- Write a dissertation of 40,000 words
My topic is:
The prediction of students’ dropout in University of xxx using machine learning approaches
I need a TOP writer who is experienced in academics.
– I need the same writer to accompany me through this journey.
– The writer must be an expert in Machine Learning Models such as random forest and decision tree.
– He must be able to write high quality papers that can be published in class A or B scientific journals.
– He must have a good background in the higher educational sector. As the study will deal with data derived from universities.
– His English is clear and simple.
I need to ensure that the writer that will chose this order, (which is summarizing the 20 articles) is aware of the whole roadmap..
I have attached my plan in the document “Roadmap”. Please read it first. I also attached the proposal structure and the dissertation structure only for your information (Order #2 and Order#5) which I will order them later.
If the writer fits my requirements, then please proceed with this order as follows:-
Please summarize 20 articles that are published in Q1 ranked journals, in terms of: the variables used in the model, the methodology used, the main findings, and the limitations and future studies.
**Only choose articles that include a quantitative model that addresses my topic (The prediction of students’ dropout in University of xxx using machine learning approaches)
**I have attached a document named (Order #1) please summarize the 20 articles in the table in the attached file.
**The articles chosen must be published in high ranked journals Q1
**The articles must be as recent as possible, year 2015 +
**Preferably, please find systematic review articles.
The purpose of this is to choose my variables and methodology for my dissertation, based on the previous literature.
*Please use simple English.
Please let me know if you require any further information, as I really need this to be made right.
If you would like to meet on Zoom or MS Teams, I am ready.

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