Primary Prevention in Action – Population Health

Module 7 Real-World Experience: Primary Prevention in Action – Population Health
Clinical Activity Overview
You will be investigating the immunization requirements for public school attendance in your state( NEW YORK) and then crafting a formal communication to parents of students who are out of compliance with vaccine requirements.
First, you should create a table that indicates the immunization requirements for public school attendance (at kindergarten age) in your state.
Standard vaccine abbreviations can be used if you refer to the disease and not the product. For example, you should avoid terms like Pediarix and instead indicate DTaP, HepB, and IPV, which are the vaccine components in Pediarix.
At the bottom of the table, you should indicate the policy to object/opt out of vaccine requirements for public school attendance in your state which is NEW YORK.
Once the table is completed, you should then assume the role of school nurse and consider a scenario in which, when reviewing immunization records at the beginning of the school year, you have identified several children with missing immunization records.
You should develop a formal letter/email communication that could be used to communicate the legal requirements to parents/guardians and what their options and deadlines are for compliance. In your letter/email, be sure to include free/low-cost immunization clinics/resources with contact information available in the community. You should also include your own professional contact information in the assumed role of school nurse.

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