Prompt Analyze one conversation or quote from the novel Warriors Don’t Cry. Cons

Analyze one conversation or quote from the novel Warriors Don’t Cry. Consider the changes that resulted because of the conversation or its effects on Melba. Consider what may have caused the conversation or quote. Also, take a position on the conversation or quote. In other words, do you agree or disagree with the point being made by one of the characters?
Your essay should be 3-4 pages in MLA format. In the introduction, provide a brief summary of the memoir and the conversation you chose before stating your thesis. In the conclusion, discuss the importance of the memoir and its themes. No more than 15% of your essay can include quotes. This means if you submit your essay and Turnitin gives it a 20% similarity rating, you should paraphrase some of your quotes. All quotes and paraphrases must be cited using proper MLA format.
Quote A
“You had a good cry, girl?” Her voice was sympathetic but also one sliver away from being angry.
“Yes, ma’am.”
“You’ll make this your last cry. You’re a warrior on the battlefield for your Lord. God’s warriors don’t cry, ‘cause they trust that he’s always by their side. The women of this family don’t break down in the face of trouble. We act with courage, and with God’s help, we ship trouble right on out” (44)
Quote B
Black folks aren’t born expecting segregation, prepared from day one to follow its confining rules. Nobody presents you with a handbook when you’re teething and says, “Here’s how you must behave as a second-class citizen.” Instead, the humiliating expectations and traditions of segregation creep over you, slowly stealing a teaspoonful of your self-esteem each day (3)
Quote C
“What’s the matter?”
“Some guy tried to choke me,” I whispered in a raspy voice.
“And you did nothing?”
“What could I do?” Talking hurt my throat.
“You’ve gotta learn to defend yourself. You kids should have been given some training in self-defense.”
“Too late now,” I said.
“It’s never too late. It takes a warrior to fight a battle and survive. This here is a battle if I’ve ever seen one” (112-113)
Quote D
I whispered aloud, “I do wish I were dead.” Then all the pain and hurt would be over. I fell to my knees and prayed about it. That’s when I knew I should go and talk to Grandma India. I told her about my wish to be dead.
“Good idea,” she said. She didn’t even look up at me as though she were alarmed after I whimpered out my confession. Instead, she continued dusting the dining room table. My feelings were hurt. And then she looked at me in the eye and said it again. “Good idea! How did you plan going about it?”
“Ma’am?” I wasn’t certain I’d heard her. “I said I wish I were dead—did you hear me?
“And I said, good idea.” Her voice was louder as she peered at me with a mischievous expression. “The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll make the segregationists real happy. They’ll love broadcasting the headlines across the world” (160).
Quote E
“You don’t want to be white, what you really want is to be free, and freedom is a state of mind” (6).
See the prompt for Essay 2 here: Week 7.2 Essay 2 Prompt Create an outline for your essay.
For your introductory paragraph, give the necessary information on the topic. Then, summarize the conversation that you chose in one sentence. Next, provide your thesis statement. For the body paragraphs, write complete topic sentences. Give sufficient support for your claim using examples from the novel with page numbers. Be sure to analyze the examples and explain how they support your claim or topic sentence. For this outline, the conclusion paragraph is not required. Submit your outline in a document file.

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