Prompt For this paper, please compose a dialogue in which arguments or ideas fro

For this paper, please compose a dialogue in which arguments or ideas from two philosophers we’ve studied in class are discussed. To do so, you should:
Use two characters to give concise but complete summaries of both arguments or both concepts.
One of the ideas must come from the philosopher you are assigned. The other idea should come from a philosopher we previously studied.
If you are assigned Du Bois, for example, your dialogue must discuss one of his ideas. You could then put that idea in dialogue with an idea from either Plato or Descartes.
An argument is a set of reasons that support a conclusion.
For example, Plato gives us reasons–that is, an argument–for thinking that there are three distinct parts of the soul.
A concept is a term we use to identify individual instances or understand a phenomenon.
For example, Plato articulates a specific concept of justice, as a well-ordered soul, that helps us distinguish just from unjust individuals.
A concise, complete summary is one that captures the important parts of the argument or concept without unnecessary detail, repetition, or asides.
Using the same characters, identify what those arguments or concepts have in common and/or how they differ.
At the end of the dialogue, what have the characters learned from one another? Do they agree to disagree, and why? Is one person right and the other wrong? Do they both learn something from one another?
An excellent paper will also be able to explain why these similarities and/or differences matter.
For example, Socrates says that justice for an individual means each part of a person’s soul does only its own job. Why does this matter to him? How does defining justice in this way help him argue that justice is good in itself?
Other Notes
The characters may be the authors themselves (for example, Plato and Beauvoir) or characters you make up (like you and a friend, two Muppets, etc.).
The task of this paper is to explain clearly (that is, to teach your reader) what the assigned texts say and why they say it. Don’t think of it as a book report or summary of conclusions. Rather it is an invitation to get inside the texts and to think along with the authors, to actually do the thinking yourself, so as to articulate the ideas expressed in the texts as clearly and as compellingly as you can. Imagine you believe what Descartes believes, for example. Why does he come to the conclusions he does? If you were Descartes, how would you try to convince others to hold the same beliefs?
Length and Formatting
The dialogue should be 2-3 pages with standard formatting (double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, 1″ margins).
The dialogue can be in theatrical form or prose form.
Theatrical form looks like this:
Character 1: Blah blah blah
Character 2: Blahdy blah blah blah
Prose form looks like this:
Juanita thought for a minute, then explained, “Blah blahdy blah.” Irving quickly replied, “But blah blah blahdy.”
Please cite only the texts from class. Citations should note the paragraph numbers (e.g., 409c or 511e-512b) for Platonic dialogues. For every other text, they should note page numbers. A citation should be in parentheses after the quotation mark, but before the ending punctuation. Like:
“Blah blahdy blah” (Plato 45b).
“P- p- p- p- p- p- p- p- poker face” (Gaga 14).
After the first citation of a source, you should no longer include the author in in-text citations. Like:
“Gaga, ooh la-la, Want your bad romance” (15).
There is no need for a works cited page since I have assigned the texts you will be referencing. If you use quotations, do not let them write the paper for you. You should be doing the work of explaining the ideas in your (or the character’s) words.

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