Propose five hypothetical research studies for each of the following statistical

Propose five hypothetical research studies for each of the following statistical analyses:
Independent samples t-test
Paired samples t-test
For each study, state:
The hypothetical study
The main variables in the study
The nature of the data that will be collected (e.g., number of days sick, mean ratings from a questionnaire that measures self-esteem)
The research question you would be testing
The test you would be using
For example, use an example of a statistical test that you will not examine this week to develop the following:
This hypothetical study will aim to determine if a coin you are flipping is biased in some way. If the coin is fair, you would expect that when you flip it ten times, there should be no significant difference in the number of heads that appear relative to the number of tails.
The independent variable in this study is the flipping of the coin, and the dependent variable is the number of times a head or a tail appears.
The data will be frequency counts, which are continuous data.
The research question would be: Is there a significant difference in the number of heads and tails that occur when a coin is flipped ten times?
The test you would use would be a sign test. A sign test is a nonparametric test for very small samples of data.
Support your assignment with references as needed. You may reference the assigned readings or any other resources you examined.
(1-2 pages per proposal), not including title and reference pages

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