Provide patient teaching related to information literacy for a specific patient, and

The objectives for the graded assignment include:
1. Formulate strategies for patient education and teaching,
2. Provide patient teaching related to information literacy for a specific patient, and
3. Evaluate the credibility of online health information.
You are expected to submit:
1. A statement about if you used Module 6 as-is for this assignment or customized the case study at the beginning of the rationale page.
–> If you use Module 6 as-is you need is a statement that you have chosen to do so and justify this choice.
–>If you customize the case study the patient’s questions cannot be changed (i.e. they still want to know how to navigate online resources and requests one website specific to their two illnesses). However, you can change the patient’s gender, age, race, diagnoses (but you need to have two diagnoses and show that there is conflicting information online about the ones you chose). Please provide a bulleted list identifying key elements of your adapted case study (i.e. their diagnoses, symptoms, age, name, and anything else you changed).
–> Include this information on your rationale page, but it will not count in your page limit.
2. A 3 to 5-minute video responding to the patient’s request. Your video should include audio of your voice but you may choose to be off-camera in the video (such as recording a screen instead of your video or doing a voice over PowerPoint). Please include closed captioning or a script with your submission (YouTube can automatically close caption videos and you can upload a video as unlisted so only people with the link can see it).
3. A brief rationale page explaining how you determined the credibility of a website. The module says this is 1 page Maximum in APA format (double spaced) but you may choose to submit up to two pages of text in addition to embed screenshots to support your points. The rationale page may be formatted any way you would like (such as single spaced or like an infographic) but must use APA formatting for any citations.

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