Questions to be answered: 1.How many paths are in the network, and what are they

Questions to be answered:
1.How many paths are in the network, and what are they?
2. What is the critical path and its duration?
3. What is the float on activity U (Backup)?
4. What is the impact on the project if activity B takes three days longer than planned?
• Create a new project using any Project Management tool called HATS4US.
• Create a plan that covers everything needed to open shop. Some minimums:
• 25 tasks or more, grouped into different sections.
• 5 or more of these tasks need to be broken down into subtasks.
• 2 or more milestones defined.
• Create a virtual user for each team member (Olivia, Cynzia, Mar, Ruth and Noe) and assign them the tasks.
• Add estimations for all tasks in hours (EH).
• Create a Gantt chart of the project, taking into account:
• Each member can only work 8h per working day.
• Each task must have a dependency to start defined.

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