Read Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War and answer one of the following

Read Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War and answer one of the following prompts.
The book is the following:
Michael P. Johnson, ed. Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, and Civil War, 2nd Edition (2011).
Chose and answer only ONE prompt.
Prompt 1: How did Lincoln’s ideas about religion shape his thinking on slavery and emancipation?
Prompt 2: Why did Lincoln change his view on emancipation?
Rules for writing the essay:
1) Make a clear, evidence-based argument answering the aforementioned prompt.
2) Outside research is not necessary for this assignment, but you should quote lots of evidence from the primary sources provided from the book. Citations need only be page numbers in parenthesis, with quotations when appropriate, but do not use block quotes. Please note that in making an historical argument you should cite a variety of sources from the book, and cite those sources multiple times throughout the essay. Your opinion will, of course, drive your argument, but you need evidence from the primary sources to support your thesis.
3) The essay should be 4-5 pages in length, with normal margins, double-spaced and a 12 point font. Papers shorter than the required length will almost certainly receive a lower grade.
4) See policies on late papers and extensions found in the “Essays” section of the syllabus. Please plan to turn the paper in on time.
5) The best essays will accomplish the following:
• Most importantly, cite lots of primary sources from the book. Essays that rely too much on the introduction will receive significantly lower grades.
• It will make a strong, clear, and thoughtful argument. It will not be a book report, but instead will express the student’s own thoughts on the book’s argument, style, and evidence, as well as the essay question above.
• It will demonstrate that the student has not only read but also thoughtfully engaged with the book and other class materials.
• It will be clearly written with no spelling or grammar errors.

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