Read documents 46, 47, and 49 in the Voices of Freedom documents book After read

Read documents 46, 47, and 49 in the Voices of Freedom documents book
After reading the documents, answer the following questions in a one-page essay format.
You are a newspaper editor who publishes a newspaper in New York City.
– What are your thoughts on the controversial French Revolution, and how are you planning to describe this incident to your readers?
– Do you support the politics of the Democratic-Republican societies?
– How do you view the leadership and legacy of George Washington?
– As a member of the press, what are your thoughts on the Alien and Sedition Acts?
• Write this essay in 1st person. (Subject pronouns: “I” or “we”/object pronouns “me” or “us”)
• A good way to write this paper is to answer (in essay format) all the questions posed in the prompt.
• DO NOT write over one page. You should only have one single page.
• Please DO NOT provide an extensive heading/title at the top of the page (No date, class time, title, or professor’s name is necessary.)
• Please write your essay in 12 point, Times New Roman Font. One-inch margins, and the essay should be double-spaced.
DO NOT use outside sources for this paper. The ONLY source you can use is the documents book mentioned at the top of this instruction sheet
PLEASE.. Provide me the page and chapter that contain the answer in the book that I send to you as well.

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