Read the documents describing the lives of industrial workers in 19th century En

Read the documents describing the lives of industrial workers in 19th century England.
Using your textbook, lectures, additional secondary sources, and the documents outlining the political ideologies of conservatism, liberalism, and socialism/Marxism, discuss how each of the three political ideologies outlined in those documents illustrated an ideological political economic response to the challenges posed by industrialization, new technologies, and urbanization and to the enormous changes those factors wrought on 19th Century society.
Using the primary documents provided here and in addition at least three (3) print or online research sources, answer the question below.
For the three (3) additional research sources, you are looking for articles or books to help answer the question. These must be reputable scholarly sources. They can include your textbook and the lectures. Remember that you are thinking critically, so ask hard questions about your secondary sources such as “Who is the author?”, “Is this a reliable source?” and so on. Websites like Wikipedia, Sparknotes, Cliffsnotes, or similar sites are neither scholarly nor reliable, and an essay that relies upon such sources will not earn a good grade.

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