Read Gallegos, (2022) Center for Parent Information and Resources (2017) U.S. De

Gallegos, (2022)
Center for Parent Information and Resources (2017)
U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, (2022) with a specific focus on the hypothetical examples in blue boxes on pages 18, 25-26, and 29-30.
View the assignment example Children with Selective Mutism as a pdf.
Choose an area of disability from the 13 identified in Categories of Disability Under IDEA. You can focus on a particular disability that falls under these broad categories. This is particularly important for categories like “Other Health Impairment” and “Behavior Disorders” which cover a wide range specific of disabilities.
Conduct web-based research on the social and emotional components of your chosen disability. Your search can include pairing the disability with terms like “emotions”, “behaviors”, “social skills”, or something like “supporting the emotional well-being of students with Down’s Syndrome.”
It is important to go beyond only a deficit view. Search terms like “resiliency,” “emotional strengths,” or real-life stories of people with those disabilities can help.
Create a PowerPoint-type presentation containing the necessary components and post it in Discussions to share with your peers.
Please refer to the associated rubric for detailed guidance about expectations and grading, which include the following criteria:
Social-Emotional Components of Disability
Examination of laws and ethical aspects related to social and emotional development and behavior
Recommendations for support
Resources for educators
Quality of reflection on the researchers’ learning
Quality of discussion
Gallegos Link

New federal guidance warns punishing students with disabilities could be discriminatory

Center for parent Information and resources

Manifestation Determination in School Discipline

The links for the first two readings are listed above and the file for the last reading was uploaded. I also uploaded the categories of disabilties and the example powerpoint given.

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