Reading Reflection: Theory of Mind and Autism For this assignment you will need

Reading Reflection:
Theory of Mind and Autism
For this assignment you will need to complete all the readings and videos on Canvas.
You should complete them in the designated order as that will help facilitate your
understanding of
the concepts. After you have completed the readings and videos respond to the following
questions and upload this document in Canvas.
Respond to each prompt in full using the readings and videos to support your answers. In order to receive full credit for this assignment you should reference each of the different
readings and videos for this week. Please use APA style for your in-text citations of the
materials. You do not need to include a reference page unless you reference something
that was not
assigned in this course. Your responses to these prompts should be 1-2 pages.
In your own words describe Theory of Mind (TOM) and how it develops for typically
developing children.
Explain what you understand about the controversy surrounding TOM for individuals with
Autism (note: you will not be able to answer this question without having completed all
the readings and videos – you need to cite Gernsbacher & Yergeau in this response!)
In several sentences reflect on what you learned from Gernsbacher & Yergeau (2019), Jac den Houring’s TED Talk and the interview with Oscar. Consider the statement that everything
we know about autism is wrong, how might this be correct or incorrect?
What is the double empathy problem that Jac den Houting discusses? Gernsbacher & Yergeau’s (2019) also mention this when they say that neurotypicals find it hard to understand the
intentions of autistic people. Why is understanding the double empathy problem important in the work we do with children?
What are some specific strategies that we can use to adapt the educational environment or
the ways that we interact in order to meet the needs of children with autism?

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