Remember–you have many options to choose from under the broad umbrella of digital tech, so describe the problem that you are concerned with.

How would you describe the problem you’re going to focus on? Think of yourself as a reporter and provide the who, what, when, where in an objective way. If you’re going to focus on our need to be on our phones all the time, show me what that looks like. Perhaps describe, for instance, what you see when friends are together and are all on their phones. How does that make you feel? Or if you want to focus on cyberbullying, describe what that problem looks like. Remember–you have many options to choose from under the broad umbrella of digital tech, so describe the problem that YOU are concerned with. This first section is a good place to try to get your reader to feel what you feel, which is an appeal to emotions. Note: you won’t include a thesis statement in this paragraph; all you want to do is describe a problem without stating where you stand on the issue.
Statement of Background: (2 pages–make sure you’re organizing information in separate paragraphs–no paragraph should be longer than a page)
You opened your paper by describing a problem or issue. Here you will set up background information as a way to introduce the topic to your readers. Introduce the issue as presented in the Issues and Controversies article I provided–what do supporters say? what do opponents say? Your goal here is to establish a sense of what the conflict is–you will not comment on their ideas—you will just present their ideas, in relation to one another, so that your audience has a sense of the conflict or issue around the topic you’re discussing. A statement of background, as the name implies, conveys to your audience pertinent information, such as statistics and definition of terms. The source that you find in the CCP library databases can help you with that. EBSCOhost is a great database to start your research in, but Opposing Viewpoints is also a good database.
Tentative Proposition (Thesis Statement):
At this point, you will not have conducted much of your own research, so your task here is to weigh in with your opinion on these ideas and make clear the problem you would like to research. It’s safe to end this section with a question—your overall research question—that will become your thesis statement when you write Part II. For instance, you might want to research the effect of Instagram perfection on men as compared to women, so you could simply ask, as your overall research question: Are there dangerous effects on men due to their increased time on social media? When you begin work on Part II and research your topic, you’ll be able to answer your question, which will be your thesis statement.

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