Request response to classmate’s post below. It’s time to get in compliance with

Request response to classmate’s post below.
It’s time to get in compliance with APA and in reviewing this week’s lesson I learned something that I did not know. Apparently, you are only supposed to justify your papers left to be in compliance with APA, I always justify center as I think it looks better but I guess I have been doing it wrong. I have always done this and have never received negative feedback so if this something new it is news to me.
Generally speaking, I find Purdue Owl to be a helpful resource to use to better understand APA and make sure you are in compliance with it, it is easy to follow and explains things pretty well. For references, make sure they are in alphabetical order and take several looks as you may end up adding a reference later in the paper and just throw it at the end but forget to go back and put it in the correct spot, this has happened to me before.
Other than that, it is just attention to details that makes the biggest difference for APA. I try to keep track as I am writing the paper, but I inevitably overlook some things, which is when proof reading comes in. I also find that I discover more mistakes if I print the work and use a paper copy to look at, not sure why but I have had papers that looked great on the computer but when I printed them I noticed several things that needed to be fixed, it saved me a few points for sure.

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