Requirements: Write the article critique in five paragraphs following this outli

Write the article critique in five paragraphs following this outline:
I. Introduction:
a. Begin with a hook sentence/broad statement to provide context
b. Introduce the article, author, and main idea (Sentence #1 of rhetorical precis)
c. Mention the purpose of the article
d. Thesis statement: A sentence that sums up your opinion/evaluation of the article
II. Body Paragraph 1: Summary
a. Topic sentence
b. Main point #1:
c. Main point #2:
d. Main point #3:
e. Main point #4 (if applicable):
III. Body paragraph 2: Analysis (Assess persuasive writing)
Include examples from the article, either by paraphrasing or including short, direct quotes.
b. Language: tone, word choice, style
c. Ethos: Explain whether McKibben presents himself as credible or not.
d. Logos:
What kind of evidence/information does the writer present to substantiate his argument?
Does he present a clear thesis (or the purpose of the article/essay)
e. Pathos:
Who is the audience? (Who do think McKibben addresses?)
Does McKibben address this audience effectively, and how does he appeal to his audience? (For example, is it his writing style or use of factual information/research that captures the reader’s attention?)
IV. Body Paragraph 3: Response (without using personal pronouns, such as I, me, we, our, us, you, your)
a. Include your position and if you agree or disagree with McKibben
[For example: McKibben’s argument is sound and valid. He effectively communicates his assertions because he incorporates facts and examples. (Notice there is no “I” in these sentences, but it is clear that the writer agrees with McKibben’s position.)]
b. State your reasons for your position.
c. Explain the points that you find valid or invalid, and/or any aspect of the article that you found to be notable.
V. Conclusion:
a. Sum up your overall assessment of the article in 2-3 sentences.

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