Research and summarize a diversity-related event, which can be from an external

Research and summarize a diversity-related event, which can be from an external source (not from the course materials) or your own experience. It does not have to be business related.
You may write about diversity in other contexts such as sports, television, film, commercials, pop culture, politics, your every-day experience, religion, etc.
Your source can be your own personal experience or something you found in a newspaper article, Web site article, magazine article, Web video, blog entry, scene from a film, episode from a television show, commercial, and so forth).
Summarize your chosen diversity-related topic/event.
You cannot use an event or sources that we discuss in the discussion questions or that is discussed in the course materials. The event must be something you find on your own
Cite the source unless this is your own personal experience
The second part is a brief analysis of the topic/event and how it relates to the course materials/concepts from Weeks 1-5. ( Diversity and Culture: Diversity Consciousness and the Legal Perspective, Concepts of Privilege, Stereotyping and Bias, Reactions to Human Difference: Privilege, Stereotyping, and Bias., Race and Ethnicity)
The third part should be
Your personal reflection on the event from Part 1 from your own cultural and diverse history and
Your thoughts about the importance of cultural competency in the workplace and how your event chosen in Part 1 relates
Use one of the cases discussed in the Harvey/Allard or Williams book as a way of discussing issues of diversity in the workplace.
Your reflections on exploring potential societal and personal perceptions about people from different backgrounds and your thoughts on how to creat a ore inclusive workplace
The importance of diversity in the workplace and thoughts on how to create a more inclusive workplace. Be specific here.
Conclusion: Include any additional thoughts or reflections on the event (

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