Research Essay (1750-2000 words + Works Cited page): You will write an essay (17

Research Essay (1750-2000 words + Works Cited page):
You will write an essay (1750-2000 words + Works Cited page) on one of four topics about Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. Your essay should have a clear, debatable argument (or thesis), which you support with adequate, and properly cited, textual evidence (i.e., quotations). You must also find, analyse, incorporate, and properly cite at least one secondary source (i.e., a book, essay, etc., about the novel you are writing on). If you are unsure if your secondary source is appropriate, please feel free to ask me about it. If you would like to connect your topic to current debates around COVID-19, you may do so, but it is not a requirement.
Please write on one of the following four topics:
Write an essay on the connection between xenophobia and disease/contagion in Dracula.
Write an essay on the relationship between health and gender, sex, and/or sexuality in Dracula.
Write an essay on the tension between technology and superstition in Dracula.
Develop your own topic: This is permitted – encouraged even! – but I would like you to consult with me before you begin working on it.
Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula:

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